Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Santo Antonio de Jesus

Oi, meu queridos!

Eu amo vocês!

There is some disappointing news that will correct my last email, Abrantes isn't getting the chapel yet. Some Mormon rumor. Sad day. They are going to put up some more walls in the site instead of the tent because it is so hot that the members were complaining. Also, they changed church to an hour earlier also because of the heat so some members wouldn't leave right after the Sacrament. 

This is my week 6 in the field, so the end of this week will mark the end of my first transfer! Crazy how time flies! Sister Kalamafoni and I are doing well and working well with each other. I had my second interview with President Hart this week. It was a good interview. He is very happy that I have already read not only the Book of Mormon, but all the other scriptures as well. He said I have come very well prepared. Thank you, BYU-I! He also wants me to read Jesus the Christ in English. I am excited to do that. We talked about the language and I think I am right where I am supposed to be with it. After several weeks missionaries are usually at about 60% in understanding the language in a gospel setting. I think I am there. I notice little by little how my portugues is getting better. I can't wait to be more fluent! Yay!

Last p-day we went to a little beach town and it was so cute! We took some pictures on the beach, I will have to send sometime. We also visited this turtle project and saw some cool turtles. 

So, I am writing you from Santo Antônio de Jesus, Bahia. It is about 4ish hours from Salvador. Sister Kalamafoni and I are here for more or less about a week. We are still companions and are staying with another companionship, Sister Costa and Sister Pontes (from the CTM). We are going to help them for a time and then we will go back to Abrantes. It's more like a city here. I like it. It rained a lot this morning. It's also good because I get to know this place a little bit for if I get to serve here later in my mission. In the mission right now, there are only 5 areas for sisters to serve. 

It was sad to leave Abrantes for this little bit though. I guess you don't really know what you have until it's gone. This will help me appreciate it more when we go back. I am really loving the people there, especially our investigators. I just want so bad for them to accept this gospel. We are making strides with those few that we are helping with the word of wisdom. One has had this as a habit since he was ten years old. He is now about 28. He had two days this past week where he didn't drink at all! He even said one of those days he had many invitations from friends to drink. We were so excited and happy for him. We were very encouraging. 

I am doing well. The Lord is definitely with me and Sister Kalamafoni. I can see His hand in our days so frequently. I loved reading about all the stuff you are doing. Keep up the good work, and keep the faith! 

Love you!

Atê mais!
Sister Villaroman

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